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Modern home furnishings showroom, carrying such brands as Inhabit, Gus Modern, Younger Furniture, Blue Dot and much more.

While its residential showroom in Irvington’s Coalyard off the future site of the Pennsy trail has only been active for a few short months, Inhabit Design has been marketing its furniture and wall designs to a national audience since 2002. Their trademark furniture and decorating has frequently been featured in films and prominent publications, not to mention the homes of their many satisfied customers.

“By accident (and a printer found in the trash) founders Mike Tuttle and Jennifer Masten turned a client’s distaste for three graphic patterns into fabric prototypes.” States the company’s website.

What sets Inhabit apart from other interior decoration design companies is the source of its materials. They are primarily recycled. All pillow fabrics are made from broken down plastic soda bottles, their main wall-mounted products are made out of byproducts from sugar manufacturing that would normally be burned and their Irvington building even imports its power from wind farms.

“At Inhabit, we firmly believe that being in business should mean being a green business, there should no longer be a distinction between the two,” quotes the company’s “eco-initiative” statement.

In their Irvington “showroom”, customers can not only choose from a wide range of Inhabit products but other designers who fit into a similar style.

The design group even receives a large amount of Irvington customers considering they sell sleek, modern furnishings in a historic neighborhood.

“A lot of people like to mix old homes with modern furnishing as it gives them an interesting, eclectic look,” said Jennifer Masten, co-owner of the company.

Both Masten and Tuttle are very excited for Irvington’s future, and hope to become more involved in the community as they’re business begins to take root in the community.

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A light musky smell of leather and wood permeates the air, clothing of all colors and textures line shelves of reclaimed wood, the glass counter is surrounded by a diverse collection of sterling silver rings, shaving kits, and other accessories. Everything from shoes, to socks, to wooden ties, to the bicycle mounted on the wall can be purchased at James Dant – a store for men, in Irvington. Dant himself, or one of his two employees wait behind the counter of the store, pleasantly greeting those who enter before leaving them to look around the wide assortment of high-end clothing.

What started out as a dream for Thomas “Tommy” James Dant, fresh out of his undergraduate at Ball State with a degree in entrepreneurship, quickly became a reality when he started up his store in 2014 through a sublease on Washington Street. He immediately began receiving press and on opening day the store overflowed with visitors eager to see if James Dant lived up to its rep as a comfortable and accessible high-end shopping environment.

“There wasn’t really another store of this kind in Indiana before we showed up” Dant says, “The city had a need for a man-centric shop.”

Specifically focusing on American brands and hand crafted items, Dant wishes to bring a unique selection and style to his store, pushing to be part of what he dubs, “the makers’ movement”. He is always hunting for new brands and styles by attending shows in locations across the US.

In just six months after its opening, James Dant’s inventory quadrupled and began to pull customers from a much wider area. Dant has done everything from shooting promotional videos in his store to outfitting television personalities. He has plans to expand his business in the near future but would love to always keep a flagship shop here in Irvington.

“Irvington was really great to me, all the local support was what really kicked this store off. I love the neighborhood feel. [James Dant] is not afraid to evolve but we will always stay true to our values.” Dant says.


6433 E. Washington St. Indianapolis Indiana 46219
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