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Office space available – perfect for large or small business owners. Located in a refurbished former IPS elementary school, this office facility features a quiet and secure setting to house your business. Contact Cody Welch, 317-437-9898. 

Located at 338 South Arlington Street, Irvington Office Center may be familiar to some of the community’s more veteran residents as the building for IPS school 85, decommissioned by the city in the 80s. Now considered a historical building by the Irvington Historical Society, the office center still serves its East side community by offering office space to those wishing to cultivate their small businesses in the Irvington area.

Property manager Cody Welch has always had a love of construction and management. He is employed by CLM Pallet recycling, a pallet refurbishing company that works to eliminate waste from old pallets that owns the building after renting space as a tenant for some years.

“I love to talk with new clients about ways we can adapt their new office space to suit their needs,” Welch said. “Obviously an engineering firm needs a slightly different layout than a design studio and we are more than willing to aid in constructing a suitable work environment.”

Engineers and designers are just a few of the wide variety of tenants that call Irvington Office Space their home. CPAs, interior decorators, public relations firms and architects, all from the east side currently conduct their business within the refurbished brick walls of the schoolhouse. Even some construction and engineering companies rent out space when they are working within the community such as with the new Pennsy Trail.

Due to the building’s status as a historical landmark, the office center works hard to keep the building updated while preserving its historic integrity. As the home of many of Irvington’s local businesses, it considers itself integral to the community.

“We will always stay true as a place for Irvington Residents and Eastsiders to cultivate their businesses.” Said Welch.

Indianapolis Indiana 46219
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