accessABILITY, Inc

5302 E. Washington St. Indianapolis Indiana 46219

Accesability Center for Independent Living, located conveniently (and accessibly) on the corner of Washington and Hawthorne by the bus stop is a non for profit organization founded in 1947 with the noble charter of aiding individuals who wish to live independently but may find it difficult to do so. Their clients range from people with physical and mental disabilities to young people in need of aid transitioning into the world after high school and everything in between.

Melissa Madill and Amber O’Haver, the managers of the clinic, are both highly invested in their business. O’Haver performs her day to day tasks from a wheelchair.

“There are many attitudinal barriers for the disabled,” O’Haver said, “We strive to teach people to never be happy with the status quo and to be the force for change they wish to see in their life.”

People entering the clinic go through a straightforward set of steps to achieve their goals. First, they meet with staff members who give them information about or refer them directly to a specialist in their area of disability. If the individual needs an advocate staff members will aid in the process as well. Next an independent list of goals is drawn up for each individual and they are given information about institutions that may be helpful to meet their needs like. Patients are encouraged to stay in touch.

“If you think we might be able to help you, we probably can,” said Madill.

Besides catering to the disabled on an individual level, Accesability works in the community promoting disability awareness in both schools and businesses. They are currently working with the city to pass a “visitability” ordinance that would require all newly constructed houses to have at least one door that is wheelchair accessible and a first floor bathroom.

The clinic has had five successful years of helping people learn to live independently, boasting a 98% satisfaction rate and touching roughly 3000 people per year.

“Our ultimate goal is to work ourselves out of a job.” Madill said.

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